About Us

C.P.L. International Ltd. was established with the purpose of servicing our customers ( paper manufacturers ) worldwide. Founded by entrepreneurs Mr. Carmen Pinto (RIP) and Mr. Manuel Pelaez, in 1989.

Mr. Pinto, who unfortunately passed away in 1998, was the founder and owner of the recycling company “Pinto Brothers Recycling” later acquired by another paper group that continues to be in the market. In August 1989, both of them Mr. Pinto and Mr. Pelaez, ventured into the export market of recycled raw materials for the paper industry worldwide.


CPL Recycling Inc. provides solutions, through the efficient use of natural resources in the manufacturing chain of finished products, elaborated from our recycled raw materials; encouraging the sustainable use of resources.


We intend to make a significant impact on the quality of life on the planet, to increase the amount of recycled raw materials, avoiding the most use of virgin materials, protecting the planet.