Pulp substitutes: Also high-grade papers, pulp substitutes are often shavings and clippings from converting operations at paper mills and print shops. Mills can use pulp substitutes in place of virgin materials to make high-grade paper products. Hard white, Usbs, Soft white.

Algunos:Hardwhite, USBS.

High-Grade Deinked Paper: This grade is made of high grade paper such as letterhead, copier paper, envelopes, and printer and converter scrap that has gone through the printing process. It must first be deinked before it can be reprocessed into high-grade paper products such as printing and writing papers or tissue. Papers: CBS Coated Book Stock, SWL Sorted White Ledger, Sorted office pack Ps 37-. Cup Stock, Printed Bleached board Cuttings.

Low Grades- Dark Grades


Mixed paper: Mixed paper is a broad category that often includes items such as discarded mail, telephone books, paperboard, magazines, and catalogs.


OCC Paper: An acronym for old corrugated containers, OCC contains a rippled middle layer that is sandwiched between two layers of linerboard. Mills use old corrugated containers to make new recycled-content shipping boxes, as well as recycled paperboard for product packaging.


ONP Paper: Before your daily newspaper becomes old newspaper, or ONP, that is ready for recycling, it goes through several name changes. It begins life as newsprint, defined as the paper purchased and used by newspaper publishers. Once printed, it is called newspaper, which is shipped to distributors and newsstands. Only after being distributed to customers does it become ONP. Mills primarily use ONP to make new newsprint and in recycled paperboard and tissue, among other grades.

Sources: ISRI and EPA